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"Up to 30% of kids will struggle with reading at school, and it can sometimes be the kids you least expect.
I'm on a mission to chnage that."

Hi, I'm Amanda!

Hello, I’m Amanda, the founder of The Word Workshop and the creator of the Clever Kiddies pre-school program. Having worked as both a secondary and primary school teacher I have seen so many kids struggle with reading and writing. Unfortunately, a students’ ability to read and write will make or break their schooling experience. That’s why I’ve created this program - to give kids strong foundational skills BEFORE they start school, so that nothing is left to chance.


As a teacher, I know that even if a school teaches reading well, it’s hard for kids to get the attention they need if they aren’t ‘getting’ what’s being taught. The problem is there is no way of knowing if that will be your child until it happens, and as a parent to a kinder kid, this freaked me out. How was I going to know if my child was one of those kids who needed that extra help? (and believe me, sometimes it’s the kids you least expect!)


I wasn’t leaving anything to chance, so I went and spent time in schools that excel in foundational literacy. I picked the brains of principals and speech pathologists, read mountains of research papers, and undertook copious amounts of professional learning. The end result is this program.


My hope is to give these skills to as many kids as possible before they start school, so that they can thrive and develop a lifelong love of learning.

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